Free Software Access for Learning

Unfortunately, our licencing for this has expired, we will try to get it extended but for now it is not available.

To be able to access the range of Bentley Academic software for learning purposes, please follow the instructions below.

1. Membership

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To obtain access to the software and Learn Server you must be a member of BUGVA. Please use a personal email address.

Bentley User Group Victoria Australia Membership Form

2. Application for Access to Software

Fill in the form below, cut and paste the paragraph below into the contact form. The email address cannot be a company email address, it must be an active personal email address that you can be contacted by.

I would like to apply for free access to Bentley academic software please.
I want to use it for learning purposes to upgrade my skills.

3. Access to Software and Learn Server

Once your request has been processed you will receive an email from Bentley with your login details and temporary password. Login and change your password as desired, then you will be set to go.

Use the links on the BUGVA website to take you to the Software Download area or click this link, download the software you wish to learn, and install it on your computer.

Access to the software is via the Connection Client, you need to log in using the email address used in the email from Bentley, once logged in you will be able to run the software until the licence term expires, if you wish to continue please send us a request for continuation of licence.

There are many links on this website that will connect you to the Learn Server and there are also many other links to get help with particular problems or topics. If you need help with any of this or the software, we are here for you.