BUGVA History


BUGVA history stems from the early years from the 1980’s Australian Intergraph Users Group (AIGUG) when MicroStation version 3.0 appeared as a PC version of its popular VAX mainframe CAD software in 1988. We did not see PseudoStation (1984) or version 1.0 MicroStation released in Australia as the forerunners to this popular PC version.
Not much is known of the people involved, or what events were held around this era, if you have any knowledge of this, we would appreciate you contacting us and passing it on.

The Bentley User Group Victoria Australia was originally the Intergraph User Group and around 1997, Adam Lambert (CaddPro), Trevor Waugh, and Alan Saunders volunteered as Committee and started as the Bentley User Group. In 2006 the group was shut down after Bentley withdrew sponsorship, and after about 3 months when VicRoads offered to provide a venue, we reformed as BE User Group Victoria Australia, and have had regular meetings since then.

The group has changed names several times over the years.

  • 1980’s to 1997 – Intergraph User Group
  • 1997 to 2001 – Bentley User Group
  • 2001 to 2006 – The MicroStation Community
  • 2006 to 2016 – BE User Group Victoria Australia
  • 2016 to current – Bentley User Group Victoria Australia

We would like to thank all our past Committee members for the time and effort put in to keeping the organisation going.

  • Adam Lambert President 1997-1999  caddprologo
  • Trevor Waugh Secretary 1997-1999
  • Alan Saunders Treasurer 1997-1999
  • Pierre Dubios President 1999-2012
  • John Davidson Secretary 1999-Current.
  • David Keam President 2012-2014
  • Sabastian Thompson President 2014-2019
  • Eddy Wisniewski President 2019-Current
  • Committee Assistants:
    • Lorys Lea
    • Sabastian Thompson
    • Josh Pauw
    • Will Dodgin
    • Ilija Minic
    • Kate Turnbull
    • Nivas Dhavala
    • Liam Wilks
    • Travis Martin
    • Ian Gorrie
    • David Comben
    • Ian McKinnon
    • Ryan Ryanto