MicroStation Update 16.00.80 and v8i SS10 now available at

What’s New in Update 16:

MicroStation update 16 has arrived and now incorporates One Configuration for multiple Bentley products, this means only a single configuration needs to be maintained for all your Bentley products and ensures that all products use the same base MicroStation content.

New and Changed in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16
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MicroStation update 15 comes with an updated msconfig.cfg main configuration file ready for the future ONE CONFIGURATION, only minor changes but it does mean editing your configuration to include two new DGNLIBLIST variables. If this is not done you may not be able to see your existing element templates or item types. For more information click here.

New and Updated MicroStation CONNECT Edition Resources

Bookmark (and share) the MicroStation Webinar Central page—it includes a centralized list of links to all the Scheduled and OnDemand webinars for MicroStation V8i users—including monthly SIGs, Tech Talks and biweekly Video Blogs. We will be releasing a better, more detailed page at this same location in the next two weeks.

VUE Relighting in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15 and later Video showing how to use the new Relighting function.

Our MicroStation YouTube channel has a regular stream of new short videos worth sharing with users.

Stay abreast of the latest news by following the MicroStation Facebook page.

PLEASE NOTE: MicroStation v8i SS10 Licencing

MicroStation v8i SS10 has changed the licencing system to be compatible with  the Connect Edition system, no other changes have been made. For all previous v8i versions, support has expired and the software may not be able to be used, upgrade it to version  if you require to maintain a v8i version.
MicroStation, version
Support Status: Full Support (Expiring On: 2021-01-01 and Discontinued On: 2022-01-01)

Parametric Modelling:

Ever Ever wanted to know how to create one object that can be adjusted by value to many different sizes or combinations. Here is some examples of Parametric Modelling that show how easy it is to do.

Items, Reports, Tables, and Automated Annotation:

Connect Edition has opened up a whole new set of processes to create Reports, Tables and Automated Annotation from information in our design files, and ability to attach attributes to any DGN element, model, or reference file with a new feature called Items. We have found several videos that will help you take advantage of these new features.
Item Types – Introduction
Item Types – Reports
Annotation Tips:  For Items TextFavs LabelCells & Place Label tool
MicroStation update 11 new Items functions blog
You will also find a lot of videos on this topic in the links to Creating and Harvesting Quantities below.

Creating and Harvesting Quantities

Creating and Harvesting Quantities Using MicroStation CONNECT Edition in a Civil Workflow Bentley learning path about Property Driven Display and Annotation of Design Elements

Cell Counter

In V8i MicroStation we had a tool called CellCounter.ma that gave us the ability to count cells by name in our files, and that tool is not available in Connect Edition, but we do have the ability to create reports that can include cells and their information as well as many more options. There is information on how to do this here.

SelectBy Element Attributes

A commonly used V8i feature, SelectBy Element Attributes, is hidden by default in Connect Edition, you can find it using the Search Ribbon function, but if you right mouse over the Selection Ribbon group on the Home tab, and tick the option it will become visible.

Other Links

This link will provide a information on wealth of MicroStation topics.

MicroStation Training Video’s on most aspects of MicroStation, including QuickStart videos.

Connect Edition MicroStation upgrade for CAD Managers This link is what you need to get started implementing MicroStation CE. (see also CAD System Management)