VBA Applications/Macros Downloads

Here we will provide VBA help in the form of Examples, Code Snippets, and some useful Applications & Macros

Most of the applications and macros listed here can be downloaded in our BUGVA_Collection.

Examples for the VBA programmer

Need to sort an array of strings, here’s a couple of working examples we have found.

Code Snippets.mvba This mvba is just a collection of many different snippets of VBA code, it does not run as is, it is just a storage place.


ViewLevels.mvba This little app allows you to cycle through all the levels in the active file to see only what is on each level.

AllUsedLevelNamesToExcel.mvba Need a list of all the levels used in a number of files or a whole project for Remapping or some other reason, this little gem does it in seconds.

Updated 13/10/2022

BUGVA_Place_Increment_Text.mvba This is an application to place incrementing text, both Numeric and Alpha, and with or without a prefix and or suffix. It will also check to see if a duplicate value is already in the active file.

ActiveAngleAssistant.mvba This Connect Edition application has been around for some time but somepeople have problems unzipping it from the Ask Inga website so I have made it available here. I have also added the help file and a Help button.


CopyAboutCntline.mvba this application allows you to copy a centreline both sides with one click, to different levels, and/or different dimensions each side.

CreateLegends.mvba Want an easy way to create a legend from levels or cells within your files, then try this application.

Updated 13/10/2022

ImportPoints_CE is an open source mVBA applet which runs in MicroStation CONNECT Edition. The applet enables users to import location data from text files of various formats. Imported points and accompanying fields are transferred to the dgn file with user-specified data mappings and graphics.  See documentation for installation details.

Import Points CE has been updated to V2.0 update information can be seen here.


CellToSharedCell.mvba I needed a way to extract the levelname of cell elements into an ItemType and there is no expression to do that, and the cell header is not on a level. I then realised that a shared cell is placed on a level and it can be extracted into an ItemType so I created this little cell converter to convert normal cells to shared cells.

Added 23/12/2022