OpenBuildings Designer v10.07.00.105 is now available at

OpenBuildings Stn. Designer v10.07.00.37 is now available at

What’s New in Update 7

Known Issues In OpenBuildings Designer Update 7:

  • We recommend not sharing datasets with both Legacy and PS mode. Datasets function best when the projects using them are all using the same structural elements.
  • The new Assembly tool does not support compound walls. When placed, it drops them to their component slabs
  • ProjectWise Manage Configuration does not support Russian Characters used within configuration file \Dataset_RU\dataset.cfg. Those configuration variables that contain Russian characters will need to be external to the ProjectWise repository or converted into ProjectWise CSBs.
  • Even if you choose not to upgrade your existing structural elements, new steel elements placed with the stair tool, railing tool, and truss tool will use the new structural elements inside them.
  • If you are upgrading from AECOsim Building Designer v8i, we recommend running the Schema Upgrade Utility (found on Backstage > Utilities > Data Utilities > Upgrade) before upgrading your project to use the new Structural elements.

Links to Training and other helpful information

OpenBuildings Designer  AECOsim
OpenBuildings Designer (AECOsim): CONNECT Edition for New Users Learning Path
Bentley have provided a very large amount of online training courses and videos to help users become efficient using OpenBuildings Designer at his link.

Building Design working with Road Design

For the CAD Manager

GenerativeComponents  generativecomponents
Please Note: GC is not backward compatible. The c# script is updated with each version. Therefore if you open a previous version with a later version including OpenBuildings Update 5 (when it comes out) it will upgrade the c# and can no longer be used by the previous version. This shouldn’t be a problem providing all who are using the same GC script update at the same time.

QuickStart for GenerativeComponents. Step by step introductory training. The training is focused around a building dataset, however the principles can be adopted to other industries.
GenerativeComponents Online Training – Connect Edition
GenerativeComponents Online Training – V8i

GenerativeComponents Special Interest Group. Recordings of the monthly S I G which cover in extended detail topics which are important to using GenerativeComponents.

GenerativeComponents Forum – Wiki, Forum and Example files. The area allows users to seek resources ask questions, and look at example files. The product management is very active on this forum so it’s a great place to work with the community.

Training Video: Setting up and Linking AECOsim/GenerativeComponents to Bentley RailTrack. This video demonstrates how to use a RangeBox to link your GenerativeComponents scripts to geometry that is not part of a GC script.