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OpenBuildings Designer Update 4 is now available for download at
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OpenBuildings Designer  AECOsim

Building Design working with Road Design

October 23, 24, & 25 2018. AECOsim Workshops.   AECOsim

Stuart Milne has provided some of the links that were discussed at the workshops.

Step by step introductory training. The training is focused around a building dataset, however the principles can be adopted to other industries.
GenerativeComponents Online Training – Connect Edition
GenerativeComponents Online Training – V8i

GenerativeComponents Special Interest Group. Recordings of the monthly S I G which cover in extended detail topics which are important to using GenerativeComponents.

GenerativeComponents Forum – Wiki, Forum and Example files. The area allows users to seek resources ask questions, and look at example files. The product management is very active on this forum so it’s a great place to work with the community.

Training Video: Setting up and Linking AECOsim/GenerativeComponents to Bentley RailTrack. This video demonstrates how to use a RangeBox to link your GenerativeComponents scripts to geometry that is not part of a GC script.