OpenBridge Designer and Modeler

OpenBridge Designer Latest Update is now available at

OpenBridge Designer combines Bentley’s bridge physical modelling, analysis and design into one comprehensive package. OpenBridge Designer offers not only the advantage of using a single comprehensive package from the start to the end of any bridge design project, but also it offers the advantage of having an interoperable physical and analytical model of the bridge to be used during the entire lifetime of the bridge. OpenBridge Designer, with its own dashboard, includes OpenBridge Modeler, LEAP Bridge Concrete, LEAP Bridge Steel and RM Bridge Advanced with a single installation

OpenBridge Modeler Latest Update is now available at

OpenBridge Modeler provides intuitive tools for 3D parametric bridge modelling with intelligent objects. OpenBridge Modeler features advanced interoperability, allowing tight integration with Bentley’s civil application data, as well as a seamless connection to Bentley’s bridge design and analysis application

What’s New in OpenBridge Modeler—openbridge-modeler-connect-edition-2022-release-1

GC missing in V10.11 answered

OpenBridge Modeler Version and later now have the new msconfig.cfg file driving the configuration and can now easily be set up to use the same configuration as MicroStation and many other Bentley applications, this process is referred to as One Configuration. One Configuration means you have only one configuration to maintain and ensures the the MicroStation components of it are identical in all the Bentley applications in the configuration.

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