For those that are unaware, most of the sessions that were due to run for the cancelled 2020 Bentley Accelerate Civil Conference in Florida have been recorded and are available at the link below:

OpenRoads Designer Update v10.08.01.33, is now available at
OpenRoads Designer DownloadThe matching ANZ Dataset will only appear if the Delivery Type and Subscription Entitlement are  both set to “Select“. It is available now.

OpenRoads Concept Stn.  v10.00.12.41 is now available at
OpenRoads Concept Stn Download

OpenRoads SignCAD V10.01.00.07 is now available at
OpenRoads SignCad Download
OpenRoads Designer  Openroads

Moving to OpenRoads Designer – Where to Start

OpenRoads Training Videos Video’s on most aspects of OpenRoads
OpenRoads QuickStart Training Videos

OpenRoads Designer – Workspace/Configuration Setup This link is what you need to get started implementing OpenRoads Designer.

OpenRoads CONNECT Edition for SEAPAC Special Interest Group This link is to videos of the monthly SEAPac SIG events covering many aspects of OpenRoads Designer.

Federated file Workflows by Ross Brown – BECA

Open Roads Best Practice – Project Management

OpenRoads ConceptStation Training Links

For the CAD Manager – ORD Configuration Information