Other Links

Here we will include links to other sites that may contain useful information or Tips on Bentley products.

Bentley Events

This is a link to all the Bentley Events, Up Coming, Past, Live Webinars and OnDemand Videos. You will find all sorts of events including many helpful guides/tips on all of Bentley products, and they are all searchable by many options.

Bentley User Groups

Other Bentley User Groups in Australia.
Bentley Users Association Australasia (BUAA) Australasia wide
Bentley User Group NSW (BUGNSW) in Sydney (email contact)
Perth Bentley User Group (PBUG) in Perth Western Australia. (email contact)

International Bentley User Groups
List of Bentley User Groups

Ask Inga – Hints & Tips AskInga – [Archived] AskInga Wiki – MicroStation – Bentley Communities

EnvisionCAD https://envisioncad.com/software/bentley/