The BUAA (Bentley User Association Australasia) together with Bentley Systems are planning a return to “Live Conferencing” held in Sydney during the first half of 2023.

More information here: https://buaa.com.au/events/


18/1/2022 Updates and more applications added to the BUGVA_Collection, VBA and Hints & Tips pages added/updated.

Learn Bentley Software – Free for BUGVA User’s

We have now set up the ability for our User Group Members that have perhaps been laid off during the pandemic, to get access to Bentley products and Learn Server for the purpose of upgrading your skills to be ready for when new jobs emerge. To make this happen you need to be a member of BUGVA and send us a request for software access via the links on our Free Software Access page

Many of the Bentley software applications including MicroStation, Open Products, and many more are available for you to learn and upgrade your software skills.

VicRoads Drawing Presentation Guidelines July 2020

VicRoads have updated their Final Drawing Presentation Guidelines and example drawings, including a new Title Sheet. Lorys Lea has provided a brief review of what has changed, and examples of the new title sheet options. The download link Final Drawing Presentation Guidelines includes all the files and the review.

MSVoiceCommands – A Voice Command Console for MicroStation and MicroStation based Design Applications

Bentley Systems has now released MSVoiceCommands for use with Connect Edition MicroStation based products and it can be downloaded from here.

Bentley’s Covid-19 Response

Bentley Covid-19
Bentley Has Your Back.

We recognize these are trying times. We are here to support you in your use of Bentley applications and services as you pivot to remote and distributed workflows. We have put together tools and resources to help you. Click below to find out more.
Click the link to Learn more or copy and paste the link below.


In response to recent events surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, BUGVA would like to provide you with some reassurance around the steps we have taken to ensure the safety of members throughout this challenging time.
Our first thoughts are with you and your families, and trust you remain safe and healthy.
Due to the many restrictions that have been implemented for everyone’s protection, we are postponing our up-coming events until it is deemed safe.

Please check back for updates.

We are now required to geographically position many our projects using MGA2020 coordinate system but can’t reproject the old data. We have added the solution to this here MGA2020 Datum transformation for Connect Edition Products from V8i Data

Another year comes to an end, and what a year it has been, technology and workload is gathering pace at light speed, and does not look like slowing anytime soon. We are all having to re-educate ourselves on an on-going basis, and lots of things that we do now will change as the technology charges on. This BUGVA website is here to provide information that will help you adapt to these changes, please keep checking in on us on a regular basis to see what’s new.

Two new Bentley User Groups in Australia, Bentley Civil Users Association Australasia NSW (BCUAA NSW) and Perth Bentley User Group (PBUG) , we are all trying to work together to provide users with information, training, connectivity, and sharing ideas/experiences to benefit users, and for the development of the products we use.

At our March 6th General meeting at bge-logo  we had a changing of the guard, with Sabastian Thompson passing the Presidents role on to Eddy Wisniewski, and we added two more people to the committee, in Kate Turnbull form WSP, and Nivas Dhavala from Beca. Welcome to the BUGVA Train charging into the future.

Comments from our new President: Eddy Wisniewski.

I would like to thank Sabastian Thompson being president of BUGVA for the last four years. He hasn’t left the group, nor is his intention to leave BUGVA. We whole heartedly support his commitment with family. Sab has been instrumental with passion and devotion on issues related to improving techniques on Bentley Systems. In the area of the rail business, he has been, and continues to discuss with MTM and LXRA on standards, that not only helps them, but helps the users with efficiency and consistency. There will be ongoing discussions with these groups and Sab will lead the charge.

I would also want to thank John Davidson. John’s passion to get into the DNA of MicroStation is phenomenal. For those attending BUGVA March meeting witnessed the explanation and workings on Automatic Annotation. I discussed this with colleagues back at Jacobs and it is a function that has a lot of benefits in capturing useful data and utilising the data in a smarter way.
John has also been instrumental with this BUGVA web site. John has successfully produced another year of workshops gathering support from companies willing to support these valuable workshops. Great effort John.

This website has been developed for all users, make sure you visit the site regularly, see the schedule of events coming up. I encourage users to provide comments and industry related experiences.
The BUGVA committee will include representatives from companies sponsoring events. Check here to see who is on the committee.

Click here to see up coming events.