ProjectWise Design Integration improves collaboration within distributed organizations through the use of ProjectWise 365 projects and various new ProjectWise Cloud Services. By taking existing projects and associating them with PW 365 projects in the cloud, you can leverage PW 365 Services including Project Sharing, Deliverables Management, and Project Insights. Users can go to the Personal Portal from ProjectWise Explorer to take advantage of custom LEARNing paths and software recommendations based on role and skill level.

ProjectWise Design Integration Update v10.00.03.280 now available at
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What’s New in ProjectWise Design Integration Update 3.2?
– The PWDI Update 3.2 release is building upon the previous releases and expanding the capabilities of ProjectWise Design Integration to Include:
– Updated Application Support
– MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 12
– MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition Update 12
– Bentley View CONNECT Edition Update 12
– MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 10)
– Microsoft Office 365 (2019)

– Revit Advanced Integration Improvements
– AutoCAD Integration Improvements
– Support for MicroStation item types (tech preview)


For the CAD Manager