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Bentley User Groups Events Calendar Other User Group Events.

Creating a Deployment Image: To avoid having to download the necessary information each time you install a Bentley product, you can make a deployment image that does it and saves it to a folder of your choice, then just install from the deployment image with all the desired settings done.
There is information in the product help, search for “Create a Deployment Image”.
You can do it from either the CMD or the Run window. Cut and paste the full folder address and the exe filename into the window followed by /layout, then follow the prompts to configure it the same as if you were installing it, selecting the datasets, associated applications, and other options, and the location where you want it saved to.

Items, Reports, Tables, and Automated Annotation
Connect Edition has opened up a whole new set of processes to create Reports, Tables and Automated Annotation from information in our design files, and ability to attach attributes to any DGN element, model, or reference file with a new function called an Items. We have found several videos that will help you take advantage of these new features.
Item Types – Introduction
Item Types – Reports
MicroStation update 11 new Items functions blog
You will also find a lot of videos on this topic in the links to Creating and Harvesting Quantities below.

Counting Cells
In V8i we had a tool called CellCounter.ma that gave us the ability to count cells by name in our files, that tool is not available in Connect Edition, but we do have the ability to create reports that can include cells and their information as well as many more options. There is information on how to do this here.

Creating and Harvesting Quantities Using CONNECT Edition Applications.
Bentley learning path about Property Driven Display and Annotation of Design Elements

Ask Inga – Hints & Tips Ask Inga is a site with a vast amount of helpful Hints & Tip’s

caddprologo  – Adam Lambert provides a suite of tools for many disciplines, for use in many Bentley Systems products, used by leading engineering consultancies, government agencies and utility service providers.