BUGVA_Collection is a collection of Applications, Tools, & helpful information.

BUGVA Members have put together a collection of Applications, Tools, and helpful information to be made available for download, installation and use by any Bentley Connect Edition product users. MSVoiceCommands and ImportPoints CE is included in the collection.
If you have anything that you would like to add to this collection for sharing please contact BUGVA through our contact page.
We keep updating this with error corrections, improvements, and additions. Collection last updated 13/10/2022

Ideas for Future Improvements

This link is to where you can add your ideas for future improvements to Bentley products, and also add support for other peoples ideas, Bentley use this to find which product improvements to add or update. 



Imports Points application

ImportPoints_CE.mvba has be updated and information can be found here. Import Points CE 2.0 Released to the MicroStation Community – MicroStation Programming Blog – MicroStation Programming – Bentley Communities

ImportPoints_CE.mvba can also be downloaded here. VBA Applications/Macros Downloads | Bentley User Group Victoria Australia (bugva.org) and is also included in the BUGVA_Collection.

MSVoiceCommands – A Voice Command Console for MicroStation and MicroStation based Design Applications

Bentley Systems has now released MSVoiceCommands for use with Connect Edition MicroStation based products and it can be downloaded from here.

Been looking for the old cellutil.ma in connect edition, it has been replaced by Place Cell Index Tool, check it out here

Bentley Webinars – On-Demand

Click on the image below to open the page, select Webinars – OnDemand in the Categories option, and any other filters you require to find the ones you want. You will find almost all the Bentley webinars here for all products and including Conferences, SIG’s / Coffee Corners and lots more. Some of these are also available on your Connection Client under Learning, and this link can also be found on your Connection Client under Support Resources, in the Connect Center (bottom right) click View all Events.

Find Training for all Bentley products

You can find Training courses and videos for all Bentley products here.

MGA 2020

Updated 31/8/2020. Minor adjustment made to get better accuracy over larger areas, the updated method is exactly the same as VicRoads use now.

We are now required to geographically position many our projects using MGA 2020 coordinate system and we are finding that we can’t re-project our data from an older system. Alas, there is a method available within the Bentley Connect Edition products, and our committee member Lorys Lea has kindly put together a step by step guide to achieve the desired result.

Items, Reports, Tables, and Automated Annotation

Connect Edition has opened up a whole new set of processes to create Reports, Tables and Automated Annotation from information in our design files, and ability to attach attributes to any DGN element, model, or reference file with a new function called Items. We have found several videos that will help you take advantage of these new features.
Item Types – Introduction
Item Types – Reports
In some development we are doing with Items we have found that the documentation on Expressions used in Items is a bit confusing and with some testing we have found that the syntax for addressing an Item property can be found by selecting an element with the Item attached, and in the Named Expressions dialog, click on Utilities > Report Symbols to open the Report. Scroll down to Selected Element to find the syntax for the required Item. Note that some non alpha/numeric characters in Item names are addressed with odd characters. Example, an Item Named XXXX-X will have to be addressed like XXXX__002D__X, so it might be good practice to avoid those characters to avoid any confusion.
Some Expression Examples are as follows: this.Plant1.Qty+this.Plant2.Qty or this.Density*this.GetElement().Area/100000000

Annotation Tips:  For Items TextFavs LabelCells & Place Label tool
MicroStation update 11 new Items functions blog
You will also find a lot of videos on this topic in the links to Creating and Harvesting Quantities below.

Counting Cells

In V8i we had a tool called CellCounter.ma that gave us the ability to count cells by name in our files, that tool is not available in Connect Edition, but we do have the ability to create reports that can include cells and their information as well as many more options. There is information on how to do this here.

Creating and Harvesting Quantities

Using CONNECT Edition Applications.
Bentley learning path about Property Driven Display and Annotation of Design Elements

On-line help files for all Bentley applications

This link can also be found on your Connection Client dialog under Support.

Ask Inga – Hints & Tips

Ask Inga is a site with a vast amount of helpful Hints & Tip’s


CaddPro – Providing MicroStation programming & customisation & general CADD consulting

Adam Lambert of CaddPro provides a suite of add-on custom tools for many disciplines, for use in many Bentley Systems products. CaddPro tools are used by leading engineering consultancies, government agencies and utility service providers across Australia and provide a very good return on investment (ROI).

Adam has also provided many helpful vides on his YouTube channel