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Bentley Connect Edition Configuration

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Bentley Common Shared Configuration Now called ONE CONFIGURATION
Creating a new Workset in One Configuration
If any of you are trying to implement a single configuration for multiple Bentley Connect Edition applications, I have a working example that I can share, contact John Davidson
However I had one small issue, when trying to utilise the new DGNLIBLIST variables, they would not configure as per code. After a lot of testing I eventually found the cause and resolution, it is simply processing order, and the msconfig.cfg processes the product specific configuration in the wrong order. To rectify this until Bentley fix the problem you need to insert code to run your product config files in the correct order straight after the core product config for each configuration level, and the product configuration files need to be located outside the ProductName folder so that they do not get run from msconfig.cfg.
Connect Configuration & Folders Diagrams
Connect Edition Configuration BLOGS

Implementing Connect Edition Products

Here are the links to the information you need for Connect Edition implementation.

Connect Edition MicroStation upgrade for CAD Managers This link is what you need to get started implementing MicroStation CE.

OpenRoads Designer – Workspace Setup This link is what you need to get started implementing OpenRoads Designer.

Bear’s Blogs

Sean (Bear) Forward has provided lots of CAD Administration Tips