Events Coming Up

This is where to find what we are doing in the near future, we will post information here as it becomes available for our planned events.

Please Note: All BUGVA events are FREE no cost to attend, and we have NO Fees or subscription costs

September 10th, 11th, & 12th 2019 – Open Products & MicroStation Workshops
OP&M Workshops

For more information click here or on the above image to download the 2019-09 Open Products & MicroStation Workshops Promo

2019 Calendar of events.

BUGVA 2019 Events Schedule

We have finalised the 2019 calendar of events and now looking for companies to host events in 2020, hosts will have a large input into the content of these events, please contact John Davidson if your company is interested in hosting an event.

Please send us your requests for topics to be considered for our events