May 2020 Working From Home

May 21st 2020 Working From Home (WFH) On-Line for all Australian Bentley User Groups


Click this link to download the recording of this event, we have finally been able to make it available. (about 300mb) There are two files in the zip file, one is the PowerPoint slides and the other is the video.

This meeting was organised by our Bentley User Groups support team in USA, it was conducted by our Australian Bentley Technical support Team, and was open to all Australian User Group members. It was held using Microsoft Teams application at 1pm to 2pm Sydney Time, and attracted over 70 unique logins excluding Bentley Colleagues.

Dave Body gave a presentation on using the Connect Center including how to set up a Project that can be used by all your team members from wherever they are.

Sheila Montgomery gave a presentation on using the Connection Client including example of some of the lesser know abilities and interaction with Connect Center

The article below has the information requested relating to Uploading permissions for the Component Center (Now in Commercial Release).
Upload permissions to Component Center